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Six Secrets That Eliminate Bloat

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

The secrets out. Learn the 6 secrets on how to reduce abdominal bloat, gas and inflammation for a flatter stomach, reduced waistline, improved health and digestion. The First Secret: Always eat fruit by itself, never with or after a meal containing protein. The reason is that it takes different digestive enzymes to digest fruit than the other foods. So the fruit will sit there and ferment causing gas producing bacteria.

The Second Secret: Never eat starch with protein. Again it takes different enzymes and different areas of your body to digest these very different foods. For instance starch begins to be digested in the mouth by salivary glands and then further down by the pancreas and pancreatic enzymes. Whereas, protein is broken down by the stomach using Hydrochloric acid. So again, the starch will ferment and bacteria will produce gas.

The Third Secret: A probiotic imbalance. The good bacteria verses the bad bacteria, when the bad bacteria is predominant. You will get an overgrowth the can cause gas, bloat and inflammation. The solution, take a high dose, multi strain probiotic. I prefer OrthoBiotics by Orthomolecular. They have live bacteria with 20 billion CFU. Click on product for more info or to buy.

The fourth Secret: Gluten sensitivity. This is a topic of great interest today. Gluten sensitivity is NOT the same a Celiac Disease. In other words you can have gluten sensitivity and not have Celiac's Disease. Its called Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity. Gluten sensitivity can cause GI inflammation and inflammation throughout the entire body. It can trigger autoimmune. Autoimmune disease is usually a genetic disease triggered by different things. Just because you have the gene doesn't mean you will get the disease. Only when the gene is triggered does the gene express to the disease. I found out I was Non-Celiac Gluten sensitive by taking a specialized test for Gluten sensitivity by Cyrex Labs called the Array 3 Wheat/Gluten Proteome Reactivity & Autoimmunity Test. Click on test name for more info. I believe it triggered Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in me. This is known as autoimmune thyroiditis. Not fun. Whenever I ate wheat or food with gluten I would swell a whole dress size my pants wouldn't fit. I felt tired, had joint pain, and brain fog. Gluten sensitivity is real. But for everyone, so I recommend if you suspect you are sensitive get tested. Don't wait until your gene expresses into an autoimmune disease. Once the gene is triggered it can never be undone!

The Fifth Secret : Leaky Gut and Allergies to other foods. When you have GI inflammation, caused by wheat, or other foods you are sensitive to it can cause a breakdown in the intestinal barrier called "Gut Permeability or Leaky Gut". The tight junctions in the intestinal barrier leak and undigested proteins, bacteria, yeast and parasites can now get into the bloodstream and cause an immune response. Which can manifest as gas, bloat, foggy head, skin rashes, headaches, joint pain and so many more. Leaky gut can also trigger autoimmune disease. The solution is to get tested and help your digestion so it is broken down into tiny particles that wont trigger the immune system. I recommend Ortho Digestzyme by OrthoMolecular. Ortho Digestzyme is a full-spectrum enzyme strategically designed to support each phase of digestion.

The Sixth Secret: A fiber rich diet or fiber supplements. Fiber rich foods are fruits and green leafy vegetables. These fiber rich foods feed the good bacteria creating healthy environment for friendly bacteria. A side benefit is reduced constipation which can lead to bacteria overgrowths and constipation. The best fiber supplement is Fiber Plus Apple Cinnamon by OrthoMolecular because it contains soluble and insoluble fiber.

The secrets out. Now you have 6 keys to a flatter stomach, reduced waistline, improved health and digestion. But if you have chronic stubborn #gut issues and you want #natural solutions to solve the gas and #bloat GET MORE INFO HERE

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