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Moving Beyond Weight Loss Programs That Don't Work

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Despite recent advances in nutrigenomics, when we talk about weight loss, and obesity, the model of calories in/calories out is undeniably outdated.

Why are we having an obesity epidemic? There are many things that contribute to obesity, most of which are not your fault. Research about the microbiome and gut microbiota has lead to the discovery that obesity can be linked to your microbiome. The bugs in your gut affect your gut microbiome and can cause you to gain weight.

Fat Forming Bugs in Your Gut Lead to Obesity These are gram-positive Firmicutes microbes now called “fat forming bugs” which can have a profound impact on your health, and the quality of your life and your weight. They feed on indigestible polysaccharides and store them as fat for energy. If you have an overabundance of Firmicutes bacteria you can gain weight no matter what you try. When we balance the microbiome and take away the Firmicuties food supply, we can have optimal health and weight. Imbalances in your microbiome can lead to weight gain and a plethora of diseases including irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, mood disorders, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes and many others.

“ The Firmicuties microbes now called “fat forming bugs”  have a profound impact on your health, and the quality of your life and your weight.”

Microbiota and The Obesity Epidemic The obesity epidemic around the world has become an important public health issue, with serious psychological and social consequences. There is evidence that obesity is a multi factorial disorder which is a result of the interaction of your gut bugs and the environment both internal and external influences.Microbiota can also promote obesity and metabolic syndrome by inducing low-grade inflammation. To learn about therapeutic diets that reduce these "Fat forming bugs" and how to balance the Microbiome you might consider taking the Master class I offer called "Mastering Gut Health." For more information visit

In the Functional Nutrition arena we learn to accumulate more data about individual patients than ever before, we as healthcare practitioners can achieve impressive outcomes by using the Functional Nutrition model to provide personalized diet and nutrition care based on each individual patient’s needs. The tools provided get to the underlying/root problem. You can learn how to evaluate patients across the socioeconomic spectrum. You’ll learn how to prescribe effective treatment plans customized to individual patient needs. You’ll have in your "Functional Nutrition Tool Box" clinically tested tools that will allow you to tailor personalized dietary plans that really work for your patients with chronic diseases. Join us this year at FNA to fine-tune your practice and learn how to apply the tools to customize patient nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to find solutions to this epidemic of chronic health conditions plaguing 50% of Americans today. 

At Functional Nutritionists Academy we offer Mastering GUT HealthMastering Functional Nutrition,  here you will learn how to apply Functional Nutrition in Clinical Practice and gain valuable tools that can be tailored to a patient’s specific physiology (including therapeutic diets, genetics, lifestyle, and motivation to change).

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