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Become a Functional Nutritionist

Mastering Gut Health-The Gateway to Solving Chronic Health Conditions – Leading-Edge Solutions & Causes of Chronic Health Conditions with Dr. Teresa Rispoli,

“ Diet & Lifestyle Matrix  – Gut Health Training – Functional Nutrition Education in your own time. Learn the most important skills in healthcare.”

Mastering GUT Health ~ Module 1

Teresa Rispoli, acclaimed Functional Nutritionist provides  – Mastering GUT Health training – four online 60 minute lessons posted to your dedicated Member ‘Hub’ to listen to at your own convenience. This Module is part 1 of a 2 part 10 lesson course. Mastering GUT Health Module 1 includes the first 4 lessons of  Mastering Functional Nutrition Certification Module 2. You may purchase the remaining 6 and become a Certified Functional Nutritionist (CFN) upon completion of materials and passing the exam, you just pay the difference.

Through the private Facebook community, Teresa is available to answer questions, along with her team of functional nutritionists. The entire community of students of the Gut Health Training – Mastering GUT Health have the opportunity to connect with each other to discuss case studies, current challenges they are facing in practice, and to dive deeper into course materials. The private Facebook community acts as a second classroom and a searchable gold mine for answers to any question you encounter in practice (now or in the future).


Mastering GUT Health Includes:

Module 1 – Mastering GUT Health – SAVE $313 and become a member Only $475 (Four 60 Minute Online Tracts)

Four 60-minute Online Tracks with acclaimed Functional Nutritionist, Teresa Rispoli, DCN, PHD, LAC, That Teach Me How to Heal the Gut, Microbiome, and reverse Autoimmune and chronic health conditions.

Tract 1 Heal Your Gut -The Gateway to Solving Chronic Health Conditions  Understanding the Microbiome from Mouth to The rectum. How the gut is the seat of many chronic health conditions: SIBO, Leaky Gut, Allergies, autoimmune triggers. Bonus 1: Proper detoxification implementation and supplementation and importance in  building health and reducing chronic symptoms. Bonus 2: Understanding Leaky Gut’s role in creating chronic illness, and how to heal Leaky Gut Syndrome. Bonus 3: Autoimmune triggers and reversing autoimmune disease. Buy Individual Lesson 1 Now $197

Tract 2 Targeted Evaluation Questions, Assessments, Laboratory Tests & Interpretation relating to the Gut that help you get to the core of why people are ill. You’ll be given tools to help you uncover the triggers leading to root causes of chronic health conditions, insight and in-depth clinical thinking to confidently assess and treat patients who present with chronic health issues through assessments, targeted questions and functional laboratory specialty tests relating to the gut. You will learn the foundation of Functional Nutrition for Building Gut Health. You will be given Done-For-You Protocols for the trickiest sign’s, symptoms and conditions, detailing Teresa’s clinical pearls– relating to the Gut.

Bonus 1: Hepatic Detoxification Pathways & Nutrients necessary to complete that process. Bonus 2: Key organs of detoxification and their role in eliminating chronic health conditions. Buy Individual Lesson 2 Now $197

Tract 3 Food as Medicine – Application of Therapeutic Diets (FODMAPS, Elimination Diets, Candida, Leaky Gut Diet, SIBO, SCD Diet, Anti-inflammatory, Anti Arthritic. Bonus 1: Autoimmune Paleo Diet – anti inflammatory diet principals. Bonus 2: The Mind Diet – reversing Alzheimer’s and neuro-inflammation that contributes to ADD, ADHD, Autism spectrum Disorders, anxiety and depression. Bonus 3: How to Make Fermented Vegetables – to aid in re-building your gut microbiome naturally. Bonus 4: How to make healing bone broth– the key to healing and sealing leaky gut. Buy Individual Lesson 3 Now $197

Tract 4  Learn about your Gut Bug Fingerprint, Know your Microbiome Gut Type based on Ancient Oriental 5 Element. Bonus 1: Six Hidden Weight Gain Factors – find out which ones are sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Bonus 2: How to Defeat Biofilms – these organisms create an impermeable barrier around multiple pathogens making them virtually impossible to destroy. Bonus 3: How Firmicuties vs Bacteriodies  – bacteria influence metabolism and fat storage. Buy Individual Lesson 4 Now $197

One Full Year in Teresa’s FNA’s Email Support and private Facebook community where you will be able to learn from others like yourself

In Addition:

  • 90-minute question & answer sessions with acclaimed functional nutritionist, Teresa Rispoli, ND, DCN, LAC

  • Connect with your colleagues through a private Facebook community so you can also learn from their experiences and questions

  • Done-For-You Protocols for the trickiest signs, symptoms and conditions, detailing Teresa’s clinical pearls

  • Specially curated Diagrams, Illustrations, PDF’s, and Videos for ease of understanding and quicker implementation of the concepts explored

  • Quizzes to help you integrate the materials and test your knowledge

  • Course Transcripts to reference each video lesson

  • ‘WHAT’S ON MY SHELF’ reading list to further your studies outside the virtual classroom with Teresa’s favorite books on gut health

  • One Power Hour session with Teresa Q+A

  • A ONE-YEAR seat in the course program and lifetime materials access so you can return and review the Mastering Gut Health course in the future

  • PREMIUM BONUS CONTENT: Comprehensive Detox, Handouts, Questionnaires & Bonus Interviews (Get ready to upgrade your cleanse and detox offerings!)

Module 1 – Mastering GUT Health – SAVE $313 and become a member Only $475 (Four 60 Minute Online Tracts)

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